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Bread (Would she please stop talking about it!!) April 21, 2013

bagel 2 While surfing the net looking for the photo of the Against the Grain Bagel, I came across this image.  Udi’s Bagel for sale at Einstein Bros.

I haven’t seen them but I haven’t been to an Einstein Bros in a while 🙂

I like Udi’s, so next time I will try this.  I usually have plain cream cheese because that is what both my girls like.  I think I will have to try it with a fruity cream cheese.

(The Bread trilogy is over for now – I will move on to another category – but keep your eyes open from the Rosemary breadstick post.  Their website is down so I can’t post now)


Bread the Saga Continues – The Bagel April 19, 2013

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a-bagel Against the Grain is also my current favorite BAGEL.  Light and airy – I am not a dense bagel fan.  I also toast my bagels.  Always have even before I was diagnosed with Celiac.


Other Bread Products – The Baguette April 17, 2013

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a-baguetteOk, at this point you know I love bread.  I think my love became even stronger when I couldn’t eat it whenever I wanted or wherever I was.

Against the Grain makes the yum yummiest baguette.  I have to stop myself so I don’t eat the entire loaf.

Please try this if you haven’t!


My favorite bread – THE TOASTER April 15, 2013

I have a separate toaster from my family.

It is a cheap less than $10 2 slice deal from Target.  I have had it for close to ten years and it works great EXCEPT when I have a thick bagel or want to warm up a single roll.

Well my family has a toaster oven.  So I will borrow it on occassion,  HOWEVER, I will always wipe out the crumbs from the bottom AND put down a piece of tin foil.

BE SAFE.  There are also toaster bags you can use when you travel to friends and family’s houses.  I have a few but honoestly I haven’t used.  If you have used them, please leave a comment with your thoughts.  I would really appreciate it!


My favorite bread – Part 3 April 13, 2013

photo One of the new breads in my lineup.  OK, I first need to say I keep all my bread in the freezer and only take out about a half a loaf at a time.  I don’t eat bread every day but I really really like bread.  This one is thicker than the one from Kinninnick so I like to use it for open face sandwiches and toast with jam.


Goodbye Gluten – You have to love the name especially if you have Celiac like me.


My favorite bread – part 2 April 11, 2013

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bread 3Kinnikinnick was the first bread I had over 10 years ago that didn’t taste like drywall 🙂

I was so excited and still am 10 years later.  I think this is the best sandwich bread.  Cut thin so it isn’t so overpowering and soft to eat.  I have had it as toast BUT always use this bread for my grilled cheese sandwiches and PBJs.


My favorite bread – Part 1 April 9, 2013

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Overall, I love the Udi’s brand.  I think they have made other brands that have been around awhile, wake up and finally make some changes.  UDI’S make gluten free food that tastes good and isn’t bland.




S’MAC in New York City February 26, 2013


I am going to NYC soon and my girlfriends are excited about visiting their favorite S’MAC. I was of course terrified. A noodle restaurant and on top of it a mac and cheese (yes most cheese mixtures contain flour) restaurant.

SO thrilled to see they can make most of it gluten free now. I am lucky and don’t have reactions in restaurants that could have cross contamination (unless they serve me the regular version on accident – yes it has happened to me in Minneapolis once)

THE choices- I just checked out the build your own. I could go there every day of my trip!!!

Can’t wait to be there.


Muffins February 16, 2013

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I am a fan of using box mixes, I don’t like having to keep so many different varieties around as I am the only GF person in our house.

This week I bought a mix and made 1/2 a batch of blueberry muffins and 1/2 a batch of raisin/craisin scones.

Here is a recipe that I will try soon. I haven’t really baked with buckwheat so that is tempting to me along with using my Pamela’s pancake mix.

Click here for that recipe.


Carmels February 14, 2013

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Carmels would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for me. Unless they have crushed Oreos or some other glutenous item into them, they should be gluten free.

Yummy! Read what this article has to say about carmels too! Click!


New York Times and Gluten Free December 5, 2012

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I got a quick laugh and a smile out of this article, starting with “I was gluten free before gluten free was cool.” I was too. Diagnosed in 2001.

Here is the article!


Cup4Cup Martha Stewart Magazine October 25, 2012

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Watch this short video- sorry there may be a commercial first.
The chef who created Cup4Cup gluten free replacement flour!
Click here!


Free Pine Cone Decorating. October 20, 2012

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I have been recovering from a pretty severe injury. While laying around I kept coming up with projects for the house. I am slowly ‘taking action’ with my love of Pinterest. I sent my girls out scavengering for pine cones in our neighborhood. After 3 rounds of gold spray paint they were ready to go. The reason for the 3 coats is you have to spray top, sides and bottom while drying for about 10 minutes in-between coats. I am actually looking forward to taking away the Halloween runner as I think they will even look better!


During process of making my Halloween Thanksgiving Wreath October 15, 2012



May 7, 2012

Congrats to Domino’s for becoming the first pizza chain to offer GLUTEN FREE pizza for home delivery!
This is HUGE.

Here is the article… http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/food/story/2012-05-04/gluten-free-food-pizza/54793108/1


Silly Yak great gluten free bread deal of the day February 21, 2012

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click here to see everything that is included!


Numero 28 Pizzeria Napoletana – New York Gluten Free Pizza February 8, 2012

NUMERO 28 PIZZERIA NAPOLETANA The first of this small chain started in SoHo with Roman-style pizzas. Then the focus shifted to Naples in the East and West Village. The latest in the group is more elaborate in a brick-walled space with a wood oven turning out red and white pizzas, gluten-free pies and specials made with truffle cream and luxurious toppings. There is also a full trattoria menu of antipasti, salads and pastas. Those dishes, including gnocchi with “secret sauce,” are the work of Ramon Duran, who worked for 40 years at the now defunct Gino’s near Bloomingdale’s. (Friday): 1431 First Avenue (73rd Street), (212) 772-8200.


February 2012 – National Reading Month February 2, 2012

Do you want to get involved in National Reading Month???

How about sponsoring/hosting a book drive in your neighborhood or work?

www.readindeed.org would love to receive your used books. We find the books homes with children without books.

You don’t have to live in Minnesota to donate books to Read Indeed. We find books home across the WORLD!!


Lakewind Coop February 2012 Savings Van’s February 1, 2012

Stock up time!! Van’s waffles are on sale. Only $2.29 a box at Lakewind!


My Gluten Free Pantry Chex Cereal (part 2) January 25, 2012

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I use Chex to make breading or bread crumbs for chicken or the top of casseroles (or hot dishes if you are from Minnesota).

I like to use the Chex recipe website to find fun ways to vary the tastes. My kids love to make crazy mixed up Chex- just open the pantry and let them start mixing any and everything into a baggie or as I would prefer a reusable storage device!


My Gluten Free Pantry – Chex Cereals January 24, 2012

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I decided I needed to do a little back to basics by sharing what I keep in my pantry and why. I love cereal and 1-don’t want to pay for most gluten free brands and 2- don’t want to have to go to my local coop to stock up.

I buy Chex. I can get at all the local grocery stores (Target for me), on sale and in 5 different flavors. Rice, Corn, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Honey.

I can eat it for breakfast or create fun snacks and desserts using it.

www.glutenfreely.com is operated by General Mills and provides great recipes.


Have you heard of… the Zero Waste House January 15, 2012

click here to see their blog

They are an inspiration! Wish I had that dedication and will power!


Gluten Free 50% off deal!!!!! Only good through tomorrow January 4, 2012

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Living social deal Glutenfreely.com


Lakewinds Natural Food – January 2012 flyer

Just got my monthly flyer from Lakewinds – there are some good gluten free deals Edwards Rice snaps $2.59 ($1 off), DeBoles pasta $1.99 ($.70 off), Members only deals – Crunchmaster crackers (yum!), Enjoy Life Cereal, Food for Life Tortillas, veggie stix, Pamela’s Whenever bars


The Faith to Lose – Is this on your New Year’s Resolution List? January 1, 2012

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Do you want to lose weight in 2012? I know I do. I was intrigued when I re-read this article from 2008. It is about how women used their faith to help them lose weight and keep it off. I would love for you to read it too. Click here and you will be taken to the article!


Follow me on Facebook December 28, 2011

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Gluten Free Christmas Ideas 2011 December 12, 2011

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great blog with many gift options.
click here!

Sorry I haven’t be writing much- it has been a crazy busy December.


Fonut Donuts are Gluten Free December 10, 2011

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check this out don’t really know how it works 🙂 but a gluten free donut is worth a try.


Celebrate Your Faith Holiday Discount Coupons November 18, 2011

I wanted to share these coupon codes with you all. They have products that are repurposed wood.

They are running these coupons until 12/31/11
kt10 $10 off $40 purchase
kt15 $15 off $75 purchase
kt30 $30 off $150 purchase
kt40 $40 off $200 purchase
kt50 $50 off $250 purchase


Update from the old Cooqi that was in St Paul November 15, 2011

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Her website


New York Times version of Gluten Free Stuffing November 12, 2011

NYT says to make a non-flour stuffing this year. This version is made with brown rice. YES, I love brown or wild rice dishes BUT I can make those any old day of the week. I just have to have my bread based stuffing with my bird.

Here is a link to their recipe!


Rose’s Croutons for my Thanksgiving Gluten Free Stuffing November 10, 2011

I was so happy to find these last year.
Not only are the great on salads but I make my old gluten filled recipe for stuffing using these GLUTEN FREE croutons.

Ok truth be told, my mom makes the stuffing. I let her do all her cutting and chopping and cooking of the butter, onions, celery and spices. I just grab mine before she mixes hers. Add chicken broth and cook it up! I like my stuffing crispy and outside the bird- how do you like it??

(information about the croutons)


The Happ Inn Bar and Grill Northfield IL November 9, 2011

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Can you tell I am going to Chicago soon???

The Happ Inn has pizzas, gluten free buns for burgers adn sweet potato fries. What more could this MOM want??? (ok I didn’t see anything GF on the dessert menu)

I am attaching the menu– hope you like it!


Thanksgiving help needed gluten free recipe! November 8, 2011

Are you hosting Thanksgiving and have someone with a gluten allergy or sensitiviy or intolerance coming over?

Are you newly diagnosed with celiac? Avoiding wheat or gluten for other reason?

Need help with finding a recipe or substitutions for an existing recipe?

Send me a comment… I would love to help you out!


Swirlz Cupcakes Chicago IL

While looking for a favorite spot to visit while in Chicago… I came across a place I hadn’t heard about yet… SWIRLZ CUPCAKES. I will have to stop by for a visit when I am there in November. They have a surprise GF flavor every day plus 1 other flavor of the day. I hope I can get there to get the pumpkin with cream cheese frosting!!!! Ok I just look and found even more flavors I want to try- RED VELVET- seriously haven’t had a red velvet gf ever.

To check them out… click here~

they also have a vegan option (not all are gf) each day.


Toast It- great stocking stuffer for a person with celiac November 2, 2011

Have you seen there before????

They sell them at the Nordic Ware Outlet store . They are only $3.99 Put your gluten free bread in any toaster!


Moms Together on Facebook October 7, 2011

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My girlfriend promoted my blog on Moms Together on Facebook today.
That was so sweet and exciting. It will be fun to watch the hits I get today!

Link to Moms Together


Lance Armstrong October 5, 2011

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.”

~ Lance Armstrong “Every Second Counts”
American former professional road racing
cyclist who won the Tour de France a record
seven consecutive times

This about this as you live your journey with Celiac!


HomeMade Pizza Company now has gluten free crust September 4, 2011

click here!

Their gluten free crust is available on the medium size only and costs an extra $2.95


Lakewinds Sale September 2011 Gluten Free September 1, 2011

Lakewinds is have their September sale.
It runs from Aug 31st- Oct 2 2011

Glutino frozen gluten free entrees on sale for $4.59

For members Rudi’s Bread is on sale for $4.39
Lundberg Farms Rice Chips are on sale for $2.29
Ian’s GF Chocolate Chip Button Cookies are on sale for $4.39


Udi Gluten Free Bread on Sale 9/1/11-9/7/11

byerly’s and lunds have Udi Bread on sale for $4.99!!!


Gluten-Free flour from the French Laundry August 24, 2011

In late September William-Sonoma will be carrying a new gluten-free flour from French Laundry called C4C or Cup for Cup. A gluten-free flour substitute.

French Laundry is a high end restaurant in the Napa Valley area in California.


McDonald’s Apple Dippers – Plant a Tree August 11, 2011

Buy McDonald’s apple dippers NOW while they have the Smurfs promotion.
There is a code on the packet. Type that code into http://www.happymeals.com and they will plant a tree.

We went today and our trees where #35,799, 35,803 and 35,804


New York City and Gluten Free Bagels- Fresh! August 10, 2011

Vic’s Bagel Bar
I am traveling to NYC this fall and can’t wait to go. I may have to bring a whole bag home with me too.
Fresh bagels- I never thought I would see that.

Vic’s was diagnosed with celiac 6 month after he opened his shop. He changed his recipe to be gluten free and the rest is history! Click here to visit his site!!


New to Celiac and a Picky Eater August 9, 2011

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A must read article from Be Free For Me about helping a picky eater transition (ok not really a transition but a quick switch over) to eating gluten free.

click here!


New Standards for defining Gluten Free August 8, 2011

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Check out this article from the Boston Globe… click here!

This is a BIG… HUGE…WIN


Cupcake on University near the U of M campus

cupcake at Cupcake

Imagine my surprise (I couldn’t find anything about it on their website) when I walked into Cupcake with my kids and niece/nephew and read the sign that said ‘gluten free and vegan cupcakes available’.

I would now recommend calling ahead- even a day or two- to see what they might have. Because I didn’t know or call, I had a vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting. YUM!!!!!! I would love to see if they would make me an assortment of all their fun flavors.

their website


Minnesota Twins Gluten Free August 7, 2011

Gluten-Free Options

Angie’s Kettle Corn – Sold on Target Plaza and vended in the stands
Farmers market – Section 141
Whole fruit
Carrots with Ranch dipping sauce
Gluten Free Nut snacks
Veggie Kabobs – Section 133
Shrimp Skewers – Section 133
Turkey Leg – Sections 133,311
Pork Chop on a stick – Section 133
Fruichi Smoothies – Vended in the stands
Talenti Gelato – Sections 141, 302
Red bridge Beer – Sections 116, 124, 325
Killebrew Root Beer – available throughout Target Field
Bunless Grilled chicken – available throughout Target Field
Bunless Hot Dogs – available throughout Target Field
Twins Big Dog
The Original Twins Dog
The Dinger Dog
The Dugout Dog – Vended in the stands
Rachel’s Kettle Chips
Nachos and Cheese
Cracker Jack
Land O Lakes soft serve ice cream
Push Up Fruit Bars
Premium Bars
Cotton Candy


Fancy Food Show… the BUZZ – Gluten Free and Blk or Black Water July 15, 2011

here is a blog posting by Sam Taute about gluten free at the show… click here!

and the other buzz was about BLK water. A Real Housewife of NJ’s hubby is promoting. To see their site… click here!